iCEE, iRthirus

Intelligent Chiller Energy Efficiency System

The Solution

ICEE, iRThirus intelligent platform for energy conservation is founded on facility management principles, targeting the largest consumer of energy in a building – the central air-conditioning chiller. Our IoT-based solution uses sensors to take temperature and relative humidity readings every 10 seconds to determine the heat load in real time and then Optimises the chiller operations dynamically and automatically to achieve savings and ideal conditions in a building. Similarly impacting precision and process cooling.

iRThirus EOC

The iRThirus Energy Optimisation Console (EOC) is the heart of the ICEE Control System allowing multi-facility control of chiller and central air-conditioning. Make no mistake, we are not a Building Management System (BMS, BAS), however, we complement these systems. The iRThius EOC works autonomously and will regulate the chiller automatically.
The first layer uses IoT devices for data gathering, upon which the ICEE Intelligence takes over the analysis of the conditions present to determine optimum operational parameters. Through certified interfaces, We then interface directly with the chiller’s microprocessor to in its operation and thus achieve that all aspects of our chiller regulations are within safe and controlled parameters.

Comfort Cooling

Precision Cooling


Process Management

iRThirus Vertical

The iRThirus Verticals are limitless. We will keep adding vertical solutions using the EOC at its base with the iRThirus Cloudn for delivery and SvAAS modules. We have identified several verticals and nearing completion.

FM Capabilities

 Engineering Diagnostics

 Indoor Air Quality

 Power Monitoring

 Demand Response Management

iRTHirus Cloud

the iRThirus Cloud shall be the primary delivery, management and leveraging on blockchain contract management, alarms, and alerts for facility managers, reports, and dashboard for user analytics. This iRThirus Cloud shall be used big data analytic tools for trending, insights and leveraging on thousands of different scenarios.

Self Service Portals


 Alarms & Alerts

 Savings As A Service
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of CO2 Emiss Reduction per Building p.a.
Average Savings per Building p.a.
Average Savings per Building p.a.
Data Points Analysed per Building p.a.

iCEE is a state of the art Adoptive and Adaptive system that proficiently manages multiple and varying conditions ranging from the number of occupants, production loads, unpredictable & abnormal climatic changes that continuously vary heat loads.