iCEE Dynamics

Intelligent Chiller Energy Efficiency System

The Solution

ICEE Dynamics is an intelligent platform for energy conservation is founded on facility management principles, targeting the largest consumer of energy in a building – the central air-conditioning chiller. Our IoT-based solution uses temperature and relative humidity sensors, among others, for readings every 10 seconds to determine the heat load in real time and then Optimises the chiller operations dynamically and automatically to achieve savings and ideal conditions in a building or industrial application.

iCEE Dynamics Energy Optimisation Console
(Dynamics EOC)

The iCEE Dynamics EOC is the heart of the ICEE Control System allowing multi-facility control of chillers and central air-conditioning. While we a complementary add-on to a Building Management System (BMS / BAS), Dynamics EOC regulates the chiller automatically.  An IoT System with cloud-based platform, iCEE Control System uses real time data from sensors placed  strategically at the external and internal areas of the building together with Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTD) in the chilled water piping system of the chillers and digital power meters (DPM).
Streamed data is translated into machine learning protocols using psychrometric data analytics, which enables the system to provide real time adoptive and adaptive controls without human intervention.  With this data, ICEE estimates the heat load / rejection requirements of the facility.  The system interfaces directly with the chiller to directly control the chiller’s operation, thus influencing the extent of cooling.

Comfort Cooling

Precision Cooling


Process Management

iCEE Dynamics Advance Intervention (DynamicsAI)

The iCEE DynamicsAI are limitless as advances are made in machine learning technologies.  Our vertical solutions using the Dynamics EOC at its base with the iCEE Clouddynamics for subscription based delivery modules.

FM Capabilities

 Engineering Diagnostics

 Indoor Air Quality

 Power Monitoring

 AHU/FCU Controls

iCEE Dynamics Cloud Delivery (Dynamics CD)

The iCEE Dynamics CD is a delivery & management platform for iCEE Solutions, leveraging on blockchain contract management.  Built with rich alarms, alerts for facility managers, in-depth reports, and dashboard for user analytics.

Self Service Portals


 Alarms & Alerts

 Savings As A Service
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“…Investing in climate resilience is a Zero Regret Investment decision..”  YBhg Datin Sunita Rajakumar, Founder, Climate Change Malaysia

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