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Comfort Cooling (Space Cooling)


The Automated Energy Optimization function is the central nerve center of the ICEE Control System suite of solutions. The Optimisation Manager, upon installation, will first work to consolidate all chillers within the plant(s) upon which it will automatically regulate the chillers to achieve the desired/designed Relative Humidity and Temperature.  As a real-time, dynamic system, the Optimisation Manager, once set-up can start saving energy almost immediately upon installation, ranging from 8% to 30% within any given measurement period and averages up to about 20% of the average annual consumption of the chiller(s).

A tried and tested system, the Optimisation Manager will provide many additional statistics and benefits, including add-on features for Precision Cooling and Manufacturing Process Cooling over and above Comfort Cooling.

Autonomous Space, Process & Precision Cooling Optimisation & Energy Saving Systems

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