iCEE believes that the initial investment costs of the technology should not be a barrier in reaching Energy Efficiency goals

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We at iCEE provide a variety of solutions to suit our customers’ preferences,
including off-balance sheet solutions if required.

Shared Saving

The customer pays a pre-agreed portion/ ratio of savings achieved during a pre-defined length of time resulting in no payment where there are no savings achieved.


iCEE will guarantee a specified amount of energy savings. The customer then pays a fixed amount during a specified period of time. iCEE and Customer agree on a penalty schedule, should iCEE system fail to reach the estimated savings.

Outright Purchase

This is a typical purchase where Customers make payments based on each phased-project milestone achieved. iCEE guarantees a specified amount of energy saving for a pre-defined period. Customer will benefit from the full amount of savings.

iCEE Control System is an Autonomous Optimisation & Energy Saving System for Comfort, Process & Precision Cooling

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