Our Journey

Always innovating for Chiller Centric Controls, Operational Optimisation & Advanced Facility Management

Our Dream:

To develop an automated, self-adjusting system that could continuously address each building’s unique, fluctuating, cooling needs, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year without any manual intervention, thus ensuring a comfortable environment in a building and providing facility managers with ease of mind of operations.

Our Crystallisation:

The Intelligent Chiller Energy Efficiency Control System, an IoT solution, using sensors with intelligent integrated algorithms, that ensures ideal temperature & humidity in a building consistently and in doing so conserves energy (up to 30%)  of the largest component in central air conditioning systems – the chiller and air-conditioning as a whole.

ICEE Today:

Today, ICEE is a Digital transformation that has extended into the management of stringent control requirements arising from precision cooling in clean rooms and process cooling in manufacturing plants, over above migrating from Chiller Centric to Chiller Plant and overall Central Air Conditioning monitoring. This real-time, automatic & dynamic optimization process, is ideal for any accuracy achievement activity or pure energy saving or best of both towards achieving sustainability goals

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Our Promise

Our Value Proposition

  • Performance Based
  • Risk Managed
  • Full Transparency
  • Savings Guarantee
  • Comprehensive Maintenance
  • Always Connected

Our Integration Finesse

The ICEE Control System works with any brand and age of chiller, complements building automation system (BMS, BIM, BAS, etc), and is perfect for process cooling management. As a system that is tightly integrated with chillers for total chiller centric capabilities, operational safety, and optimum performance, ICEE is also ideal for facility managers as a predictive maintenance tool.

A Suruhanjaya Tenaga Registered Energy Service Company (ESCO)

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iCEE Control System is an Autonomous Optimisation & Energy Saving System for Comfort, Process & Precision Cooling

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