Let’s Save The Planet

Optimizing for Human Indoor Comfort, Psyche and Global CO2 Reduction

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CSR & Sustainability Responsibility

  1. CO2 Emission Reduction
  2. Improvement Of Space Cooling
  3. Improvement Of Process/Precision Cooling
  4. Air Quality Control
  5. Improved Thermal Comfort

A lifelong ambition of our founder, as an engineer, apart from making mankind comfortable, was to protect mankind by preserving natural resources and the environment. Experienced in facility management for 30 years, knowing that central air conditioning consumed 60% of a building’s energy consumption and of that the chiller took two-thirds, these were a desperate need to better controls. Thus he wanted to create a system that could address this problem and after over 10 years, overcoming difficulties, trial and errors, facilitated by the availability of economical and accurate sensor technologies, we have developed a system to make this vision come true.

Intelligent Chiller Energy Efficiency Control System

iCEE is a unique and advanced system IoT System digitally transforming facility reactions towards climate changes, building heat loads and plant fluctuations while providing a lucrative cloud-based, self-paying energy saving solution.

The Future

  • The iCEE Control System is a system ahead of its time. With global warming and climatic changes, air conditioning, true to its name, the conditioning of air for optimum human comfort and productivity is going to be the most important aspect of a building’s function.


  • One of the most underplayed elements is the ability to consistently control and accurately manage occupant thermal comfort, i.e., making us comfortable. Quite often buildings are too cold. A building managing the thermal conditions ensuring occupant comfort at all times is going to be crucial in improving productivity and further livelihood of human beings.

Carbon Emissions

  • It is our responsibility to reduce carbon emissions, directly or indirectly, everywhere possible. Central cooling is the largest energy consumer in most buildings comprising about 60% of the total of which the chiller alone consumes 40%. iCEE can save up to 30% of this consumption and thus, positively reducing thousands of tons of CO2 emissions equivalent.

Savings Energy & Money

  • iCEE is a unique system that automates management of centralized cooling systems such that it reduces energy consumption. Thus, we save money directly by reduced energy bills, and indirectly, by extending chiller life, improving maintainability. At a macro scale, we reduce the need for power generation plants because of our scaling capability.

Financial, Environmental, and Social

  • At its core, the iCEE Control System address the triple bottom line, being Financial, Environmental, and Social sustainability benefits.

iCEE is a state of the art Adoptive and Adaptive system that proficiently manages multiple and varying conditions ranging from the number of occupants, production loads, unpredictable & abnormal climatic changes that continuously vary heat loads.

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