ICEE’s Annual Carbon Impact

Our Goal:  Annual Carbon Reduction of  120,000 tonnes in the next 3 years.
(12 Million Tonnes over 10 year & 
an annual € 9.6 Mil impact to carbon trading) 

A Growing Carbon Economy

Carbon trading: last year, the value of global carbon markets hit a record €229bn, a five-fold increase from 2017, heading toward  €80 / tonne

Impacting Carbon Footprint & Efficiency Across the building

As an autonomous operating software system, iCEE’s itself  is sustainable and provides across the board benefits

  • Inteligence
  • Global Scalability
  • Compliments Retrofit
  • Real Time/ No Lag
  • Expandable
  • Comprehensive Chiller Modules

iCEE Control System is an Autonomous Optimisation & Energy Saving System for Comfort, Process & Precision Cooling

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