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Precision Cooling


Precision Cooling is always a challenge especially in the consistently achieving the desired relative humidity.  ICEE’s Precision Cooling function is an add-on to the Automated Energy Optimisation specifically for Technical Environments such as Data Centers and Clean Rooms that operate on stringent RH requirements.  Over and above uneven heat distribution and load variations experienced during peak and off-peak periods, Technical Environments have high power (supply) density.  ICEE’s Precision Cooling solution is a hardware-free, intelligent operation strategy that allows the facility to achieve the desired precision without the introduction of heating or other augmenting equipment.  Furthermore, where such equipment has been deployed, ICEE’s PC module will reduce usage addressing the important indices against which operational expenditures can be measured, namely, heat dissipation and electricity expenses.

Autonomous Space, Process & Precision Cooling Optimisation & Energy Saving Systems

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