Autonomous Chiller Operations & Optimisation
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Would you like us to help you save energy & run air-conditioning optimally and extend chiller life?

For Space / Comfort Cooling in Commercial Buildings & Precision / Process Manufacturing Cooling Applications in Industrial Buildings 

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Global Energy Efficiency Category Winner

After winning at the National level, iCEE International went on to win the Global Energy Efficiency category in San Francisco, by showcasing our Intelligent Chiller Energy Efficiency (iCEE) Optimisation Control System with the unique ability to address specific heat load variability  —  automatically, dynamically and in real-time >  every time, all the time.  ICEE Control System works with with chillers of any age, brand and type used in commercial and industrial buildings.

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A Suruhanjaya Tenaga Registered Energy Service Company (ESCO)

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iCEE Control System is an Autonomous Optimisation & Operational Efficiency System

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