Smart Features of iCEE

Our team of highly professional engineers with core competencies in precision engineering, programming logic and business management skills have invented an Intelligent Chiller Energy Efficiency Control System called the iCEE Control System as a solution to reduce the rising energy costs of operating a chiller plant.

Real Time Data Acquisition

Profiles Heat Load of Building

Efficiency-based Control Methodology

Saves up to 20% electrical energy cost

Manages Maximum Demand Cost

Compatible with Most make of Chillers

About iCEE

In most buildings with centralized chiller air-conditioning systems, the electrical consumption attributable by this system can be as high as 60% of the total electricity consumption for the entire building.

iCEE Control System is capable of saving up to 20% from the chiller’s electrical energy consumption. The iCEE Control System uses engineering principles and optimization formulation to achieve true and tangible energy savings for clients.
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