iCEE Total Solutions Framework

What started with chiller specific optimisation has now evolved into a complete suite for energy & performance management.  The iCEE Control System today is effective in several industrial and commercial applications for Total Chiller Centric Solutions covering the entire chiller plant and central air-conditioning systems.

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Overall Derived Benefits

iCEE Cost Management

With the implementation of one or more of the iCEE systems offered, an integrated system iCEE CM can be achieved. This can be easily translated from any one or a combination of any packages offered. From the statistics derived, robustly recorded, with regard to time, date, equipment, and difference of power consumption from before any iCEE system is installed the cost savings evidence will be clear.

CSR & Sustainability Responsibility

As we save energy, we are saving the Planet. Each kW of electrical energy we consume, a power plant using gas and coal mix, has emitted about 790grams of CO2 into the atmosphere, the reverse, saving of energy thus saves the Planet of more pollution which will result in Global Warming and Climate Change. Just imagine the positive impact of such savings of energy and thus CO2 over the lifespan of a building which can be estimated at 50 years!

Autonomous Space, Process & Precision Cooling Optimisation & Energy Saving Systems