Intelligent Chiller Energy Efficiency System

The iCEE Solution

The ICEE System is an IoT-based solution using sensors to take temperature and relative humidity readings every 10 seconds to determine the heat load in real time and then Optimises the chiller operations dynamically and automatically to achieve savings and ideal conditions in a building. Similarly impacting precision and process cooling.

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of CO2 Emission Reduction per Building per year
Average saved per Annum per Building
Data Points Analysed per Building per Year
Average Savings per Building per Year

ICEE Position In The Centralized Cooling System Architecture

The ICEE Control System works with and complements any Building Automation & Management System, Building Information Modelling System and further enhances the savings achievement capability.

Furthermore, as a continuous monitoring tool, it provides credible feedback for facility management and engineering diagnostics for accurate action to be taken.

iCEE is a state of the art Adoptive and Adaptive system that proficiently manages multiple and varying conditions ranging from the number of occupants, production loads, unpredictable & abnormal climatic changes that continuously vary heat loads.