The Drivers

Together, we, Thiru, Prabodh and Jeya, drive the awesomeness.

Our Vision Mission & Goals

We believe that Intelligent Predictive Systems shall be the cornerstone of efficient & effective operations of equipment & machinery.

Currently, using our knowledge of facilities management, we have developed a system that is adaptive and adoptive, an intuitive self-learning system to optimize chiller operations
without human intervention.

We will continue to improve and expand into verticals with Savings As A Service as a primary model using IoT & blockchain technologies to deliver leveraged services.

It is our goal and desire to address the largest Energy Consuming component of any
facility to reduce the Carbon Footprint and complement GHG emissions reduction.

The iCEE Family

Moving Positively Together in Confidence, Harmony & Trust

Work As A Team, Live As A Family, Strength in Unity.